A Christmas Cracker

Woke up and made everyone teas this morning. A more leisurely day, although there was still plenty of food to be eaten. We all watched Gavin and Stacey during the day which was excellent.

In the afternoon Anton and Anne came around and hung out chatting till the evening. Ate bits of cold meat and various foods, and played a game of Euchre which prompted  Anton to spend a time talking about Skat a German card game.

Later, chatting upstairs, I heard a squeak from the kitchen and went down to find Lorraine on the floor and Beth taking care of her. Turns out she had slipped over on  some water that had come off a cucumber Lorraine had just washed.) She had fallen heavily on her wrist and was in some shock. Between Beth and I we got her to breathe more calmly and get over the sicky feeling that came over her. Eventually she got up and headed for the sofa with a bag of peas. Lots of debate about taking her to A&E but Lorraine did not want to go. Luckily her arm was not hanging off on a string, and was not apparently misaligned, nor was she in much pain if she kept it still.

Anton and Anne went a little later, and eventually we all went to bed. A very cheery day, if it weren't for a suspected fracture.