Curry for Christmas

Saturday morning, and gradually got ourselves ready and headed off to Edgware, as the flooding that had caused travel misery to many yesterday flooding a train tunnel at Balcome and closing the M23 had subsided, and we were able to get to Edgware, although the M25 was very congested. Heroic driving from Lorraine, who had quite a bit more than normal to drink last night.

To Edgware, and a cup of coffee at Mum's before we zoomed off to The Curry Centre for three o'clock. Mum and Mas used to go there a lot. They were very friendly there, and Mas was talking to them, and the business has stayed in the same family for decades. The food was surprisingly delicious too. I had a lovely Chicken Hyderabadi and Mas was briefly silenced by a chilli in his Jalfrezi. Had a long and leisurely meal, and then headed home, Mas enjoying talking to the staff there about the art in the restaurant.

Once home, Lorraine had a much needed snooze, and Mas sleepy too. I sat with Mum in the back room chatting about old times and having some wine and mince pies. Fond farewells, and they gave us a case of wine. Mum laughing as Toby and Romy had sent her and Mason a case of wine too.

A much faster journey home, although it was pouring continually and the spray on the motorway was very lively. Once we got into Brighton, however, the rain had stopped. Made me think, yet again, that it is its own little country.

Annoyingly, I forgot to take any photos of the day.