Monday, October 31, 2016

Zooming about

Up at six with Lorraine and up to the smoke, while Lorraine off to school. Foggy south of London. I worked on a poem, called Cholesterol Focus Group that I was working up to send into the National Poetry Competition, which is no better than a lottery but you gotta be in it to win it, eh? I worked it up from notes I had made on a focus group many years ago in the midlands, watching people behind mirrored glass.

Early in Chiswick, settled down in a cafe to drink coffee, and tinker with the poem for ten minutes before arriving. Good to see everyone, and meet a recent graduate called Lucy who is a poet. The briefing took some time to arrive, and Dave only had a couple of hours, and we had to work in a cafe. There was lots to do and my French amis had got in touch too with more work to do this week, so instead of going to stay with Mum and Mas I returned home and worked late.

Bought some long sought after yellow note pads at Victoria as I had a bit of time before the train came. Yellow is the colour of optimism and good ideas.

Lorraine cooked us spaghetti with quorn mince, and we scarfed it with Betty all watching the first episode of the new series of Humans.

Janet called in good spirits saying she had a buyer for her house. She was very pleased, her first break in ages. Otherwise all work and little play. Managed to enter my poem a couple of hours before the midnight deadline.

To bed feeling tired, but somewhat better than the last few days. Not a very spooky halloween this year.

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