Monday, October 24, 2016

A day in town

Rainy first thing, and we decided to head into town. An enjoyable bout of shopping, looking in jewellery shops, and clothes shops, and she brought some balconette bras, while I repaired to Costa coffee feeling very happy just to be hanging out in St Peter Port.

At Lunch we met Jane and Richard in Christies for a good lunch and a general catch up. Both looking smart and well, with an Italianate air about them. An exceedingly attentive waiter, but the best little table in the house with the sun streaming in on us. A long lunch chatting and hearing their news of travel to southern Italy and its joys and dire trains, and Jane's work with Alison Jackson and a bit more about the warm reception to Richard's Gran'mere poem. A happy few hours with our old friends. Till Lorraine and I returned to shopping, and we bought a ring and some vittles for the evening. Then we walked to  the Lighthouse and watched people fishing. A three decent fish being landed while we were there, and we chatted with a mother fishing with her little lad. It was a lovely evening, and the sky above the east-facing St Peter Port was Turneresque and gorgeous as we walked back.

The sunlight falling catching Herm beatufully as we waited for our bus. We decided to get off a bit earlier and walk past my old school and past La Bella Luce and the Captains home. Once in our room, I discovered that I had had a poem taken by the E·ratio poetry journal, which 'publishes poetry in the postmodern idioms with an emphasis on the intransitive'. Quite chuffed with this, having had a quite a few rejections lately. Lorraine and I slunk to the bar later and played Scrabble. Curiously, as a post-modernist poet with an emphasis on the intransitive, Lorraine beat me. This did not prevent me from sharing my postmodern opinions and drinking beer however.

Below, a walk to the lighthouse and back.

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