Sunday, October 02, 2016

Roaming up the Roman road

Up to Edgware today. Fairly untroubled drive, and arrived early. A quick conference about where to eat with Mum and Mas, and we decided on The Waggon and Horses, which is almost due North of Mum's house, on Watling Street as the Roman marches. A decent Sunday roast there and a couple of pints. Mum and Mas paid for me as an early birthday present, and got me a pudding of apple pie (one of the allowable puddings, a pudding that is not a bourgeois frippery of a dessert, but a decent upstanding thing).

An enjoyable meal Mum saying that she doesn't like it when Felix one of the cats sleeps on her face because she doesn't like to share her air with a cat. It had been a week of medical tests for Mum, and Mas still awaiting a date for his consolation and by-pass. Mason up and making friends with the new owners.

Lorraine and I left at teatime, after Lorraine had helped join up the video player with the new TV so that both videotape and DVDs would play. We arrived home in time to beat the worst of the traffic back to Brighton, and we listened to the Kermode and Mayo podcast. Both of us began  sniffling on the return journey, and had streaming noses by the time we got home.  Hope that I didn't inflict a cold on Mum and Mas. Lorraine did some school work on the sofa, and before bed we watched a traumatising and horrid episode of Orange is the New Black.

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