Monday, October 17, 2016

Weirdly Mondayish.

A very poor night's sleep. But I sent out poetry manuscripts today, worked on poems, had a quick teleconference and did some work with my chums in Chiswick, which seemed to use up the entire day. Felt weirdly Mondayish.

Beth out all afternoon and evening rehearsing for the production of Annie she is in.  Spoke to Mum, who had a stress test on her heart and so on today, and was fortunately found to be in very good shape. She didn't mention that she'd already walked three miles before she'd arrived at the hospital.

Went for a few short walks today, listening to the audiobook of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, which although I have read it already and it is very short, is a treat.

Quietly stayed in tonight, instead of going off to a poetry workshop, which I couldn't face at the last moment. Cooked for Lorraine who is reaching the end of her half term. Lately children have been worrying about clowns, with the scary clown craze coming over from the US.

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