Thursday, October 20, 2016

Narrowly avoiding a rapid death

Up and a good morning's writing, then off into town to go to the gym. By the time I had walked down into town to the gym, I was already feeling tired. A bit of cross training and a bit of time on the rowing machine and I felt done in, and not sure why, although I could come up with plenty of catastrophising reasons.

Gingerly to the politically incorrect Starbucks for a cup of tea, and I did some bits of work, before going to the doctor's surgery to take up their offer of a free flu jab. Despite being given the ridiculously precise time of 3:06 for the jab, I had to wait half an hour anyway. The nurse asked me how I was feeling, fine I said. It was only on the bus going home that I realised I actually had a sore throat and was feeling not too good, hence the poor gym performance. Cue hypochondriac musings about having a mystery disease plus a flu jab, which as any fool knows can lead to rapid death.

Saw Beth at a bus stop and she got on to sit with me at the front on the top and took my mind off my imminent demise.

The rest of the day feeling sluggish, and stayed in tonight, with the others out, and passed on seeing Anton, and actually had a recuperative night in. Lorraine and Beth out at a Bolney Ladies night, Beth, Lorraine's wing woman, asking me what she should wear. Lorraine back home later with mushroom coloured nails.  I was able to unashamedly watch a terrible, gory and derivative SF movie called Event Horizon, which I enjoyed.

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