Saturday, October 08, 2016


Into town with Lorraine, who went off to get her hair cut. I did the same, with Stacy the perfectionist cutting my hair again. He does a really good job. Expertly flashing past the spreading continent of the area of concern when he shows me the back of my head with the mirror.  Sitting next to me was a young lad whose dad had brought him in, after he'd attacked his hair with beard trimming shears.  The lad, weirdly, started talking about The Beatles (his dad clearly a vinyl nut). Strange how if you've just read a book about something (The Beatles) how Beatles stuff comes at you from strange angles.

Then into Starbucks to do some work, then off to meet Innis and Beth. Innis is going to take some photos of Beth for her portfolio, and I fancied a decent pic taken so I could use it as an author pic when necessary. Nice chat with Innis.  Beth very clear about what she needed, like a proper actress should be. I'm hoping for a miracle.

After, I popped into M&S to buy some underpants, and saw a really nice three-quarter length coat, rather a good length for me, and simply bought it there and then. My last similar coat had been sprayed on by Brian, and despite being dry-cleaned three times still smelled intolerable. I'm hoping this one won't meet the same fate.

Lorraine found me, sporting slinky hair. And then we did some shopping together before walking to Fatto a Mano where we had a pizza, and watched a sudden downpour heated by the warmth of their wood burning pizza oven. Nice pizza too. Home, and a happy and relaxed evening in.

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