Thursday, October 27, 2016

Snuffling but happy

A snuffling cold, but after paracetamols and a cup of tea I felt ready to face the world. A good breakfast, and I hung about with the family bantering with Pat and Maureen, before Lorraine, drove them and Beth off to Eastbourne to see Beth in Annie.

I shall be seeing the show on Sunday afternoon. It gave me a quiet afternoon in, which I appreciated, having developed a lethargic cold, and although I keep thinking about all the work I could be doing, I am simply not in the mood. Instead I read improving books, and made a chicken soup and sipped it.

Pat and Maureen went home to Ashford from Eastbourne, Lorraine dropped Beth off at John's and came home. The show had been fun. Not used to having to make supper, we simply went to the Preston Park Tavern for a bite and a beer, which was nice on my sore throat and felt a bit like we were still on holiday. Feeling distinctly uxorious towards Lorraine.

Also bumped into Reuben, who was meeting a pal.

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