Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hard knock life

In bed, working on Lorraine's school prospectus this morning. Before getting up for breakfast.

To Eastbourne this afternoon to see Annie, with Beth in it. Everyone did very well, and Beth was excellent in two roles. But there wasn't enough of Beth in it for my tastes. And the story itself (not the performances) was tripe of the first order. Two decent songs though. But then unless it is Cabaret or something kitch like Return to the Forbidden Planet, Avenue Q or The Rocky Horror Picture Show (that I was lucky enough to see the first run of) then I generally dislike  a musical per se. There is an manic energy about musicals, where everyone is beaming wildly or transfixed by whoever is singing that I quite like because it is so unnatural, almost insane. I'd like to do something with that.

John came with Lorraine and I in the car, and we bumped into James there, and Sarah who'd directed it (very well). Back to Brighton and a late bite in the Preston Park Tavern. Home and rapidly to bed.

We popped into the nearby pub afterwards to wait for Betty. Here is Lorraine and a friend.

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