Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Poets Assemble

Another day of bits and pieces. Up early and working. Then at lunchtime off to meet Simon at the PPT to find out what he's been doing since we worked together some years ago with the Cat With The Hat. One of the things he is doing is making really interesting designs from recycled wood and other materials, and old prints. Nice to catch up with him. Then home to sprawl on the sofa for a fast doze before heading off to Lewes.

Beth and the others kicking off on rehearsing We Three Kings tonight too, which was good to know.

Luckily an easy journey to the Lewes Arms, given it was a strike day on Southern Fail again. I arrived early and had a drink with Siegfried and his dad Adrian, who were already there. Jess and Robin turned up soon after, and then the place filled up nicely. Most importantly for me was that Lorraine came too, and having her there was top. A really excellent night. I did some of the introductions, shared with Sarah Barnsley, and I made people laugh introducing myself as Sarah Barnsley and other tomfoolery as I introduced the first guest. This seemed to set a cheery note for the evening, and the whole night went very well indeed. Some really good readings from Michaela Ridgway, Siegfried (whose new poems are excellent) Judy Brown, whose work I like lots, and Jess who read well too. The audience was crammed with poets too, such as Jeremy Page, Clare Best, Charlotte Gann, Stephen Bone to name but a few.

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