Saturday, October 15, 2016

Masks and baskets

Saturday. I got up early, and bumped into Dawn outside after a futile attempt to buy bread at 8.00pm. Got up and worked, then cooked bacon and egg sarnies and took up to Lorraine, and went back to bed to eat them with her.

Later we went off to look at front doors. We went off to R & G Goatley a firm of door purveyors who have a commercial whose tune is aired on local radio and Lorraine sings when she drives past it. We looked at doors. Bloody expensive things front doors. Chastened we went home via some other shops and simply relaxed in the afternoon. Innis sent me a link to all the photos he'd taken of me, and there were lots of really good photos of me in glorious black and white. I was well pleased, and told him he'd managed to turn a pig's ear into a silk purse.

This evening we went off to The Fountain Head where we met Innis, Rosie, and Beth, and were later joined by John and Emily's Rosie's lovely sister. We were all off to see Nina Conti's In your face tour.  Lorraine and Betty absolutely love her, and I think she is really funny too, really quick thinking and most of the show is improvised. It was a good show.

After we all went to The Basketmakers for some beers and a chat. A good fun evening, and always good to be there.

Below Lorraine, me, Betty and John in the theatre sporting the cardboard representations of the masks that Nina Conti makes her victims wear. And Emily, Innis and Rosie in the Basketmakers. Innis trying to appear gangster-like.

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