Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Launching the day from bed

Started working at 7 in bed, sipping tea that Lorraine had brought me before going off to work. But soon I was sprinting out for another productive and varied day for. Playing Creative Director briefly to feed back on ideas for my Chiswick pals, sending ideas to Paul the guy I met last week, working on poems and sending some to magazines, a spell in the gym and so on. A few calls and chats with folks too.

Also I finished listening to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I loved it this time. When Beth came home and we cooked together for Lorraine, and chatted about the play and so on. An amazing red sky at sundown. Lorraine fine, but nearing the end of her half term tether. Almost there, and then we zoom off to Guernsey at the weekend.

Below, the colour of the sky.

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