Sunday, October 16, 2016

The moon is a pizza

A sober day of working. I had bits of freelance to do this afternoon, and various other things to do with the upcoming Telltale reading.

In the evening Lorraine and I drove off to see Anton, where he had one of his spectacular pizza nights. I ate enormous amounts of pizza, and suffered through the night for it. But if it is a thing, death by Anton pizza isn't the worst way to go. After eating enormous amounts of pizza, Anton produced a delicious Dorset apple cake, and I had to eat two slices of this too, and then take a couple of slices home. I'm unbelievable. Enjoyable hanging out and listening to tunes too. Under Anton's tutelage I am trying to like Being Boiled by the Human League.

Met Beth at the car, as she had been rehearsing all night in Beastbourne. Home under a full moon, like a big pizza pie in the sky.

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