Wednesday, October 05, 2016

I found myself in a strange town

Up early and working on stuff to do with animal antibiotics for my French clients today. A short walk during the day, and slogging till I had to zoom off to Tunbridge Wells in the evening. Journey there wouldn't have been bad, other than the fact that I stupidly got off at Tonbridge which is two stops before Tunbridge Wells. Wandering about Tonbridge raging at Google Maps for not working properly, when in fact I was in the wrong town. Till I asked a man to put me straight.

Arrived, breathlessly just in time to introduce the pamphlet launch for Jess's The Swell Telltale pamphlet, and take money from punters for a while. Jess is a bit of a force of nature and assembled a large audience, and got Robin and Sarah Abegail Morley and Mara Bergman to read with her. A pleasant enough evening, good to see Robin looking well. Hared off with Sarah at nine. A tiresome God-awful journey home via St Leonard's Warrior Square, but had a good long chat with Sarah. I taxied home well past eleven, Lorraine fast asleep.

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