Friday, October 07, 2016

Blasting through

No more needed from my French pals, so was able to dedicate the day to working on the play, the necessity to get it ready is now pressing. Spoke to Mum, and chatted with Sonia. Otherwise blasting through, and We Three Kings now falling into place. Bought some fish and chips and ate them watched by Lorraine, who was going out for a meal with two of her pals. Read some poetry magazines, including The Long Poem magazine, to whom I am going to send A Long Poem. Also listened to John Lennon's first solo album, Plastic Ono Band, which I'd never heard before. It is rather amazing, a couple of tracks featuring full on screaming as he had been doing primal scream therapy.

Feeling a bit tired and ratty by the end of the day, however. But this fixed by going out for a few cheeky beers with Anton tonight, meeting up with him in the Good Companions, near where he lives. Cheap beer there thanks to a loyalty card. Anton had got me one too, which is smart. However we needed a change of scene and drifted down to the Shakey Head for an absolute bloody final or two. Nice to hang out and chat about the matters the needed chatting about, such as bizarre new bands Anton had seen, the history of the Beatles, and so on. Nice to simply have a booze.

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