Friday, October 14, 2016

Assorted birds, lovely books

Got up with Lorraine and after working for a couple of hours went to the gym, for the second day in a row. Only trundling on the cross trainer on a low gear, but it feels good to be back in the groove. Then to Starbucks to do a bit more work, and join a teleconference with my pals in Chiswick about a work thing.

The cafe was too noisy, so I had to conduct most of the hour long conversation walking about in Pavilion Gardens, with squawking seagulls and cheering Italian students, and a man smoking a large skunk spliff adding to the local colour.

Then I walked to Hove where, feeling hungry after the gym, I bought myself a small pastie in the co-op. Sat in Norfolk Square and started it, benignly throwing a crumb to a pigeon nearby. Soon I was surrounded by several dozen pigeons and half a dozen gulls. To my amazement a pigeon few onto my hand and started eating my pastie, while another climbed onto my arm. The most Hitchcockian pigeons I have ever encountered. I managed to dispel them, but ended up throwing my pecked at pastie away.

Then to see Helen, and a couple of hours with her working on the Centaur Project. Good to see her, and hear the latest part, which is a Fugue, where lots of folks all sing together in different parts.

This done, home on a 5b. A quick shower, an email to mes amis in Paris and then the day was done. I luxuriated in a quick snooze on the sofa before Lorraine came home.

Lorraine started preparing two delicious curries, and Anton and Dawn came around for a supper and a few drinks. Then we went to the Preston Park Tavern for a very late drink, before Anton went home. Anton gave me a deluxe copy of Lord of the Rings, printed on Indian paper, so that the whole thing is in one lovely book. Very happy. And Dawn brought me a book about favourite pieces of classical music, which is excellent as I enjoy making new discoveries.

Below, Helen and a big A in the sky I snapped early this morning.

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