Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Last day in heaven

An absolutely beautiful day in Guernsey, in our personal heaven. Up to eat a kipper breakfast, then down towards Saints and along the cliff path then down to Moulin Huet bay.

Spent several hours sitting getting quite hot in the sun, listening to the sea and the birds, and watching a woman and her dog go for a swim together, a bit of scrambling over rocks and reading books too, (I was reading about Aimé Césaire). Then as the tide drew in we sat above the bay on the bench, and I sat there doing one of those listening meditation things, listing to the sounds of the seabirds, and the other birds in the cliffside bushes and woodland behind me, and the sound of waves breaking on the rocks all around, moving to further and further away sounds with the warmth on my face.

After a while the weather changed, and it grew a little misty. We walked home and after a rest, and packed our case, met Jane and Richard for a quick drink before our supper. They have been pet sitting in a big house near Fermain. Good to see them again. There never seems enough time.

A slightly disappointing meal tonight, however. We sent back our puddings as they were served cold. However we soon turned our backs on these first world problems, and as it was our last night mooched off to Les Douvres, which seems to be doing really well as well as claiming to serve the best pizzas on the island (probably not a particularly hotly disputed title) but it was buzzy and fun. The lanes were misty and dark, although if you looked straight up you could see the stars. Managed to take an atmospheric iPhone snap on La Motte.

Then to The Captains, where it was curiously dead, but we had a drink for old time's sake there before walking home. I had my drinking boots on, and we had a last drink in La Barbarie, got talking to Ravis, about Latvia, before heading off to bed.

Below Jane took a snap of Richard and I in the bar at the Barbarie. Other shots during the walk to Moulin Huet and on the beach. A spooky night shot.

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