Visions of the Hulk

Up at an ungodly hour, which in my world is anything that starts with a six. Still greatly sluggish and feeling under the weather. Caught an earlier train to get into work for a nine thirty meeting, which did not happen. Enjoying the bus ride from Victoria however.

Old friends Julie, and Max the Mentor appeared out of nowhere and hugged and kissed me, which was rather good if all too brief interruption from work. Not seen those ladies for some time, and we are hoping to make it out for lunch.

Today, however, I only had time to go to the nearest food joint, an Eat, where I randomly bought a chicken and mushroom pie, which was strangely delicious. Afternoon more of the same, followed by a presentation at the end of the day, which went reasonably well. Today there was talk that they are wanting me to work next week too, and possibly the week after. A feat I am unsure I can manage without tearing off my shirt Hulk style and wreaking green skinned destruction. It is all good for the Kenny coffers which will take another pounding from all directions shortly.

Another bus ride down the Oxford Street, gorgeous avenue. Home listening to Oryx and Crake which is finally growing on me, then fish and chips from Sing Li as Lorraine was out with Dawn, before my baby came home at 9:30 to catch up on an episode of Last Tango in Halifax.

Below two bus snaps from the 73. Morning and evening, and Grrrrrs the green skinned way.