Mustn't grumble

Up to the smoke again feeling very tired after an execrable night of non-sleep, and listening to poor Betty coughing like a docker in the next room. Took the walk around Fitzroy Square at lunchtime, and finished The Good Soldier which I thought was extremely well constructed and containing a rather bleak view of human relationships. A view perhaps not shared by the two men who were passionately kissing with gay abandon on one of the benches. Walked to Eat, and suddenly felt rather faint as I was ordering and for a good few moments worried that I might actually keel over. I soon recovered, but this added a dash of hypochondria to a day that was already far from one of my favourites. But this is the penultimate day at work so mustn't grumble, eh?

Out of office at six like a greyhound with its tail on fire. This fire doused by a lorry driving over a pothole in the street, which sent a perfectly targeted arc of muddy water over me from head to toe. To Dean Street where I encountered Anton in a bar with his friend from the agency he works with, who he insists on calling Mazza. She is a lively, intelligent young account handler. Also a German man called Matt who I also liked a lot. These three had been drinking since lunchtime and were full of opinions. Matt left eventually, having bought me a drink or two, and I went with Anton and Mazza to stand outside another pub to chat more, watch them smoke and be bothered by a series of panhandlers. One of whom, a small but aggressive man with a punch-attracting face, I had to invite to move on.

Anton and I off to Victoria, by way of a cab that went nowhere so we bailed out of it and went to the tube. Anton ate two hamburgers on the train, and for some reason I had a can of beer. Home some time before midnight, to scarfed down a turkey sandwich, before climbing exhaustedly into bed where my lovely wife was already.

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Below the view from Fitzroy Square.