Final Friday

A seriously busy day, with Lorraine still having to finish a ghastly report at home. Both of us struggling with a cold which made everything a bit more difficult.

I zoomed about shopping, buying the essential slip on shoes for Japan and a new fleece. I also visited Janet and Ken and took them their Christmas present. I was pleased to see Janet looking very perky considering it is just a week since she had her stents done. Nice chat with their friend Cesare also popped in while I was there.

In the evening hung out with Anton and the bairns. Anton cooked some of his amazing pizzas. Reading a long story in four chapters that Klaudia's had written. Klaudia wanting me to read it but also having to absent herself while I did so. She has a gothic and writerly streak. After fond farewells there, off to The Basketmakers to hand Matt the keys to catsit, and have a cheeky pint of Seafarers with him and Irish Tom before rushing home to pack and faff till it was time for Lorraine and I to go to bed before tomorrow's big trip.