End of days

Last day. Missed the train, was late. No problem though as I spent the majority of the day in the cold corner of the office waiting for tiny amendments and going to a couple of meetings. The job I was working on has been finished, with a lovely job done by Ana the Mexican illustrator. They asked me to work there again, but warned me their group is changing its policy towards freelancers so that you have to be a limited company. I spoke to a former colleague there who said that she thought most agencies were going to go that way now. Looks like I will have to become one then.

Out at lunchtime and bought an organic chunk of spinach tortilla to gnaw on, and lurked about in Waterstones.  Being in a big bookshop is a calming experience, despite the unbelievably penetrating voice of an eastern European woman in a headscarf whose pitch is outside the shop. She calls out Hello! How are you! Big Issue! in a way that there is no part of the big store, even on the third floor, where you cannot not hear her. I think the Big Issue is a very good idea. But I am experiencing a bout of compassion fatigue. I bought a copy of the Elder Edda aka Poetic Edda which I'd heard a conversation about on the BBC. Started reading them and they are fascinating.

I can't remember being happier being returned to the wild, and bolted from work to catch a bus talking happily to Lorraine on my phone. The commuting Gods fondly conjured an immense traffic jam, a bus break down, and a heavily delayed train. But at least had the Elder Edda to read.

Home and Lorraine croaking with her cold and end of tetherish. An early night as I was too tired to even feel elated. But a holiday is coming! Boy do we need one.