Up, coldy and groggy at 6:50 and hurried off sans breakfast in the rain to catch the early train. I wanted to be in work early to finish off something I was working on Friday until my brain stopped. When I arrived all the freelancers accounts had been disconnected so I had to wait an hour before I could start.

Lunchtime and went for a short walk circling around Fitzroy Square several times talking to Mum on my phone. Then walked down a street with fire engines in it, but nothing apparently happening. Otherwise not much to say about work other than I can't wait for it to effing stop. The trouble with wishing away the time, which I hate doing on principle and almost never do, is that time drags hatefully.

Home early, spirits soaring as soon as I left work, and braved the rush hour tube to speed the journey up a bit. Rapidly coming to the end of Ford Maddox Ford's The Good Soldier. A chamber piece of four characters who, because of their characters, make each other unhappy and thwart each others dreams.

Lorraine worked mostly from home today, and enjoyed not having to drive for hours around the county, while Betty sensibly nested all day on the gold sofa instead of commuting back to London in the rain with a vile cold. Ate turkey and veggies and a sense that all well with the world. Also ate mice pies, and regrettably, some chocolates. Slightly galled that Christmas, combined with not having the time for the gym has resulted me finishing the year suddenly fatter than I have been in six months. So it goes... My cover story for Japan is that I am a Western sumo.