In the Cheese with Bob

Zooming around doing a million chores, before grabbing a train to Blackfriars where I met Bob in the Blackfriar pub. A swifty in there, followed by a sandwich somewhere else before we settled into the now traditional Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. Found their dark mild, which tastes lovely and is very low alcohol, and we sat there in the historic dark sipping beer and reminiscing for a couple of hours. A lovely afternoon, and profoundly good to see Bob again.

Home in time to say hello to Lorraine as she climbed into Dawn's car. A gorgeous hour or so of doing nothing sitting on the sofa watching telly, for I am still feeling rather wretched and cold ridden. Spoke to Toby, and we will be having a meal together with Romy and Lorraine this very weekend in Tokyo. Excellent!

Below a snap of a random punter enjoying the ambience.