Shopping not hellish shocker

Christmas shopping with Lorraine, as there's much to sort out before we go to Japan. Much mooching about and I felt curious flashes of happiness. Having a wife is a good idea, for all kinds of reasons, and certainly transforms the horror of Christmas Shopping into something enjoyable. We turned into an shopping machine too, scything on through the crowds. The shops actually not infernally busy, perhaps due to everyone shopping online, nor was it raining.

Met Betty after her morning's work teaching drama school kids. She was tired and end of termish, and had a night's work till gone three to look forward to. We repaired to the Bath Arms briefly, and I think it did her good to see her mum for half an hour over half a Laines best bitter.

Home and a quick sprawl on the gold sofa before Lorraine drove us off out into the Weald to Cuckfield to see Jess and Andrew, who took us to a cozy pub called The White Harte Inn where they served quite good Thai food, and ate some of it with gusto.  I like Jess and Andrew better the more I get to know them. Andrew is now my accountant too, and a safe pair of hands. But doesn't wear leopardskin leggings like my former accountant, something he may need to work on.