Into the Geisha district

Breakfast at the hotel Trusty. A poor night's sleep for some reason, but a nice buffet and cups of coffee. Once we'd got ourselves organised off for another walk through Kanazawa. First another nearby shrine with another gorgeous pool. Then off through little more residential back streets, stopping at a little bakers, and walking through a busy food market. As usual lots of fish, including barrels of thick octopus legs coloured scarlet, and ranks of long legged crabs on their backs, and various bony fish and dried flattened squid.

From there we wandered some more until we found ourselves on the edge of the Old Geisha district. More picturesque streets, and we happened upon an artist studio of a Finish American artist called Clifton Karhu who, after his death, has a growing reputation.  Beautiful work, highly graphic and excellent colour choices. A very friendly animated man told us all about Karhu, and showed us many of his fine prints. From here a wander through the lanes out onto the side of a river, full of big stones and patrolled by a heron or two. After an amble down there we stopped in a traditional cafe, and were taken upstairs to a gorgeous room, which with its tatami mats, and square pillows and table tops began to look a little like a Mondrian. A cup of wheat tea there, followed by a cup of darjeeling.

Then another explore around this old area, punctuated with a bit of shopping. Shops full of high quality craft ware.

Then we hopped onto the circular bus to ride back to the Trusty. The driver very charming and refused to accept money for our fare. Unfortunately at this point I had developed a rather crushing and sick headache. So after grabbing some light salad snacks from the supermarket I repaired to bed where I stayed for the rest of the day, sleeping for many hours and soon feeling better for it.

A outside nearby Shinto shrine, and inside the market.