An early Christmas

Up with the lark coldy and hungover. Lorraine giggly and disorganised, and we soon realised that, astonishingly, she was still drunk. Maureen and Pat were here, having stolen in last night, and I sloped off to buy breakfast things, and then with what seemed like a superhuman effort, made everyone breakfast. Lorraine had accidentally thrown away the wrapper for the turkey and we had to weigh it on the bathroom scales, we did this twice and got wildly different readings.

Turkey on, everyone pitched in to prepare a cornucopia of vegetables in complex ways. Mum and Mas soon arrived, followed by Matt. A bit of kill or cure sipping of Bucks Fizz.  Matt, however, required emergency bandaging having appeared to have broken his little toe. Lorraine buddy strapped it for him, rather like she had buddy strapped his little finger a month ago.

An enjoyable day, everyone chatting and gormandising. Played a little with the squidgy rat that mum had given me for my birthday. You splat it on the floor where it looks like a black broken egg, and slowly reforms into a ratshape. It feels even more disgusting than it looks, and I pressed this onto Maureen when an opportunity presented itself. Some presents going back and forth, and Christmas Pudding spooned down the hatch with custard.

Mum and Mas left to go home, and a bit later Matt hobbled home. Much sprawling on the sofa with cats, and then a drop of port before all of us crept off to bed.