Dawn takes wing

A blessed lie in, but both Lorraine and I woke up with a cold. No rest for the wicked, however, and we  dragged ourselves out of bed, to pass the morning doing some of the million things that need to happen before we go to Japan. Spoke to Janet, who was sounding pretty chipper, having had some stents put in yesterday. Apparently the young and enthusiastic doctors doing it were regarded her as an interesting case as the first stent opened up more that needed to be done.

Then out for shopping, I am also on the hunt for a pair of slip-on shoes, for if my last trip to Japan taught me anything, it is that slip on shoes are essential in the land of the rising sun. Sloped back, sans slip ons however, for a merciful couple of hours dozing on the gold sofa while Lorraine had her hair done, which seems to be growing at an unfeasible rate according to her hairdresser.

Then Lorraine with a tired Betty shortly after. Then all of us piled into a cab making off to Dawn's house, picking up Anton and then Rosie en route. Quite a lively scene there, easily attributable to the mix your own cocktail scene going on. I mainly drank a quiet couple of beers before Anton and I embarked on a rum and ginger beer experience. Meanwhile Dawn involved in a species of flying, repeatedly leaping from her sofa and being caught by various guest in a sort of stage diving/trust exercise style.

A few nice chats, before we all cabbed back to Brighton. Lorraine, Betty, Anton and myself having an absolute bloody final in the Shakespeare's head before eating cheese on toast and going to bed like a giant redwood finally falling in a primordial forest.