Welcome visitors

A morning spent entirely in bed, apart from when I briefly put some clothes on and walked around the corner to Arkwrights to buy some bread. L & I had toast and tea in bed, dozed, and chatted and read papers and played with cats.

Then into Brighton to meet Matt, Craig and Mel, who were drinking a bottle of prosecco in the Brighton Tavern. Good to see Craig and Mel, we seemed in excellent spirits. Craig talking about a new and exciting job he was interviewing for, nice to meet Mel again who I really like.  Craig has one of those voices, with his Minnesota accent, that I could listen to for a long time. He should be on the radio.

Off to the Sussex Yeoman for lunch, where we met Katie. Unfortunately Kate visibly upset having just spoken on the phone to Graeme who had told her he has cancer. The others knew having seen him a few days before.  Lorraine and I hadn't known either, so naturally this news very unwelcome and something of a sombre toast to Graeme and a speedy recovery.

Despite this, we had an excellent time, with everyone lapping up lots of wine, apart from me who stuck to beer. And the food enjoyed by everyone.  I ate three courses, and had no need for food for the rest of the day. Good to see these friends and hear how everyone was getting on. Lorraine really enjoyed chatting to everyone too, and was rather giggly as she and I walked home afterwards, pausing only to buy some chocolate.

Still blinking cold and wintery, so not the best weather for a Brighton trip. But L and I really enjoyed the day, and hanging out with folks. Not had a boozy afternoon for a good long while. A quiet night with Lorraine out for the count on the sofa. I enjoyed an excellent documentary about Nile Rodgers, founding member of Chic and famed guitarist and producer and all round good egg.