Skooby do

Off to the smoke listening to a podcast about Anton Chekov. I think I saw The Seagull once, but that must have been decades ago. At lunchtime I snuck off to Skoob books and bought a secondhand book containing Chekov's five best-known plays as it is time to get better acquainted. I like it down there. I like squeezing past my book loving brethren beneath toppling towers of dusty books. I hate the idea of bookshops dying and being replaced by Amazon's soulless cyber monopoly.
A busy but fairly cheerful day at work. Late escaping due to typical last minute agency faffing, and needing to rework copy and sit with Andrea the designer to complete a job to a tight deadline.

Free at last... But prevented from getting to the platform at St Pancras as there were no trains south due to a Biblical sounding trespass incident at Cricklewood. Gallingly arrived on the platform in time to watch a cheery Brighton train zooming south. The train I eventually caught stopped at every conceivable station. Tetchily settled into reading The Periodic Table by Primo Levi, which is an interestingly constructed memoir.

Stopped off to get a takeaway on the way home and had a pint while waiting for it. Arrived home at 9:30 to happy cats, with Lorraine arriving minutes later from an end of term shindig, both basking at the prospect of time over the long weekend.