Afternoon with the Pontiff

An enjoyable day. Good morning reworking of Defenders of Guernsey for a forthcoming kindle edition. I am feeling a renewed writerly joy in interrogating each sentence. Pleased to be around at lunchtime as Mark next door had locked himself out, with little Finlay upstairs.

Two weeks freelance in London confirmed, Typical as Lorraine starts her holiday in a week.

Off for a papal audience this afternoon with Catherine Pope, we met in Délice, had a coffee and a glass of wine and talked about writing and publishing for about three hours. She is a fascinating person to talk to and I learned lots too.  She is the the managing director of Victorian Secrets, an independent publisher dedicated to producing books by or about Victorians. Some very interesting work on her list. I had asked her to look at the sample of my business book, and she was also very encouraging about this. The consensus of those I have asked about this project is that I am not mad, which gives me the reassurance I needed to keep going with it.

Home to Lorraine who I'd not seen much of this week, and  Lyn and Malcom came around to go out for a curry. Malcom much buoyed by having his first cartoon accepted by Private Eye which is in the current issue. Lyn very bubbly and cheerful. The Shahi unusually full so we all went for a drink first at Circus Circus, before returning to strap on the nosebag.