Rain and stories

Foul weather. Two things from Amazon The End of the Party, by Andrew Rawnsley, which is an account of the Labour government from Tony Blair's re-election in 2001 to the end of the Brown government. Also Laura Mvula's first album, just released. On the album, she sounds like the middle ground between Nina Simone and a sedate Bjork. I'd not heard of Laura Mvula until a week or so ago, but she is splendid.

Lorraine and I up and about. Drove up to the racecourse where there is a garden centre and tropical fish place. After a big Sainsbury's shop, Bought some plants and fish food, and I spent the afternoon happily pottering about with buckets, cleaning the tanks and planting. Lorraine off rehearsing with Hullabaloo. I also finished Arthur Schnitzler's Dream Story. Very dreamlike it was too, and Freudian. I finished it in bed this morning, and then told the whole story to Lorraine.

In the evening off to meet Anton to talk about books and hear how he is painting the Airfix kits Oskar makes overnight, and leaving them at the end of his bed. We then met up with Lorraine and Rosie who had eaten supper earlier with Beth before she went back to Kingston. Rosie, who was bushed, left. Shortly after we three skipped out of the friendly little Earth and Stars pub  into the icy stair rod rain.