Walked up to the hospital, this time on my own account. The future holds a general anaesthetic and a couple of rather intrusive procedures aiming to pin down what's up and how to best treat my prostatitis. I welcome this as life at the moment is short of joie de vivre.

Remembered Spooner's facebook description of the hospital as Gormenghastly, which made me smile as I trudged up the hill. Efficient visit though, saw the doctor, thoughtfully left them some urine and was out within 25 minutes.

Home and took it easy this afternoon. Did start work on a new branding brief, and cooked a chilli. The addition of cumin and a bit of nutmeg seem to be a good thing. Lorraine late, but pleased to be home, then had the task of finding clothes for her go to school as a book character. She selected something vaguely African.

Finished Blindness. An unpleasant, compulsive read, in the vein of Golding's Lord of the Flies, or John Wyndham novels. Hungry for books lately.