Two Figures

Up early and feeling better than I have done this week, although in a tetchy mood. Took myself out and about in town. Worked in a cafe for three hours. Across the road is a large plastic shark head, of which there are a couple in Brighton. Looking up from my laptop to sip my large Earl Grey teas, amused at one point to see two women taking photos of themselves with their heads wedged in the shark jaws.

Having put in a couple of hours on the business book early morning, I started a new poem in the cafe. I am trying to be less self-censoring in what I write and give my subconscious freer reign. A slightly wilder and less restrained streak is coming to the fore. The poem sparked off by two words in the André Breton book I was reading the other day.

Happy to be walking about with some energy after a poor start to the week. Visited the Brighton Gallery again, and closely looked at the Léger Two Figures (1929) they have there. I particularly liked Leger when I was doing my art A level in my teens. I loved the balance between representation and abstraction.

Having a free gallery that you can just wander into gives you the luxury of popping in for 15 minutes and looking hard at a single piece if you want to.

However I managed to lose £20 while out, not a life changing amount but still annoying. This not helped by buying a loaf from the Real Patisserie which later I found had such a massive air bubble that the first half dozen slices were mere crusts.

Lorraine bushed by her day, with a chesty cough, poor thing sleeping on the sofa while I watched a bit of football, and facebooked tonight. The weekend, however, is going to be lively.

Below a not particularly good photograph of Léger's Two Figures (1929). I wondered about the breasts. I think we are looking at two women, and the taller figure has what appears to be a breast placed centrally, and the taller woman's hand is on the other woman's breast. It's almost as if we are looking at two halves of the same woman. The faces are very similar, with an idealised, taller, statue-like and necklaced half above a clothed, smaller, flesh-toned other half. I am not sure what the blue and white area is in the back. Not my favourite Léger but definitely worth scrutiny.