Broke off from working to watch the Chancellor's Budget speech and the leader of the Opposition's reply. The paucity of the public purse matched only by the intellectual bankruptcy of politicians. No ideas from anywhere a general nothing to be done but grin and bare it from Osborne, and childish finger pointing from Miliband.

Off early evening to sit with Klaudia and Oskar while Anton and Anna went to parents evening. Nice time with the Godbairns, who always seem to want to climb over me, despite them being quite large now. Klaudia has a new method of tormenting Oskar, which is to try to pin him down and kiss him. Also we had a good deal of fun talking to Siri on my iPhone, Klaudia getting it to say 'lollipops', which it replayed as 'lolliparps', to general amusement.

Then I met Claudius and walked with him to the Old Market in Hove, to a very well run (by Roy Hutchins) poetry evening called iOpen. Really enjoyed the evening, and there was some interesting work, including a longish poem from an older poet about a supermarket employee sexually interfering with a shopping trolley. Claudius has just started writing poems and read a work in progress informed by his Buddhist practise. We bumped into Pemma there, who I'd not seen for a few months, and has now moved to Lewes. She sat with us and read a good poem. I read two of mine which went down well, the audience very attentive, much better than bellowing in noisy pubs.

Then we stopped into the Evening Star and met Richard and Glen, and had a good chat with them. Good to see Glen, who I'd not seen for a while, and have a last cheeky with Richard discussing music and philosophy, and lapping at real ales. Home, skillfully avoiding an Ace pizza, instead having a Ryvita fest when I got home not having eaten. Lorraine already in bed, after her leaving do from the school she's been seconded to, and squeaking when I put my cold hands on her.