Browsing with First Matie

Up to the smoke this morning continuing my week's work at Tavistock Square, working with Jules an art director I'd not worked with before. All fine however, and the sort of easy rapport you get with someone who also knows what they are doing. We got down very quickly to some personal sharing and found we had quite a bit in common. Working creatively is a good way to get to know someone quickly, because the whole business of being required to coming up with ideas with a complete stranger is quite exposing, like acting in a way.

Off with First Matie at lunchtime to a nearby Waterstones who had a half price sale of hundreds of second hand and remaindered books. I came away with a good quality hardback copy of Primo Levi's The Periodic Table for £3.50 which I was well pleased with. Nice to walk with Kate through the elegant squares, and browsing in bookshops at lunchtime. Kate bought three books, which she put into her little Waterstones bag.

Afternoon fine too. Very pleased that I wasn't too tired today, having felt pretty washed out earlier in the week. Home a little late after the trains delayed but reading the Levi and listening to a podcast about ice ages. Lorraine already home, and had baked potatoes and salmon. She also had a big book signed by every pupil at the school she had been seconded to, some sweet messages and some funny self-portraits by the kids. Tomorrow is her last day there and she is feeling a little sad about it. She took the staff in hot cross buns today, and tomorrow will take in some vacuum flasks for the teachers as a parting gift.