A bit of a Hullabaloo

Up to London this morning, enjoying my flask of tea on the train. Like childbirth, it's easy to forget about the horror of commuting until you do it again.  I thought as the train stopped on the track for 15 minutes this morning just by Elephant and Castle this morning. Slightly late, and sluggish and tired all day. Nice to see some of the folks in Tavistock Square again. Very cold still, and crept out at lunchtime to buy a sandwich before scurrying back.

In the evening straight off the train to see 'Now that's what I call a hullabaloo!' in Gloucester Road Baptist Church. Anton arrived moments before me and we sat together on a pew. A short but enjoyable concert, with a varied programme taking in Bulgarian traditional music, Dido's Lament, tunes by George Michael and Elbow, to Nana was a Suffragette by Jules Gibb, and the musical director Kirsty's setting of The Road Less Travelled by Robert Frost. I enjoyed watching Lorraine putting her heart and soul into her singing, and looking exceedingly sweet while doing so. Anton also found the show surprisingly enjoyable. I like Hullabaloo.

Lorraine, Anton and I went for a fast drink and a deep chat in the nearby Laines Brewery, before we zoomed home, L and I pausing to buy some chips before we got in.

Below a poor iPhone snaps of the choir. The one at the bottom shows Lorraine, in the middle of the snap with her mouth like an O singing like an angel.