A Spring like day, and a certain amount of cheery capering with cats this morning, when I completed the first two sevenths of the business book. A stern tightening it up read through and edit to come, and I will have a strong sendable sample of the content.

Off in the evening up to Kingston by train to see Beth in a sketch show called Blondage written by one of Beth's friends Chloe Penycate, and featuring Chloe, Beth and her pal Olivia.  The one-off performance was Chloe's third year dissertation piece. The show went down extremely well with its full house, although there were a few in-jokes the show could have instantly transferred to a little pub theatre with no problem. Beth is turning into an outstanding comedy performer  -- she has made giant strides since we did Betty the Spacegirl together. Less self-conscious, she just goes for it now, and the result is exhilarating. The other girls were excellent too, and Chloe had written some lovely stuff -- lots around social media which went down well, but some moments of inspiration. A much, much better evening than I was expecting.

As we made our way back to the car, we crossed over a little concrete bridge and looked down on a tributary or canal leading off the nearby Thames and we noticed a bat swirling in the air above the water, a little downstream was a heron, who caught a fat little fish as we looked. An omen of fortune.

Long journey home in the car, Lorraine very tired, pausing to buy some emergency chips, with a diversion from the motorway that added half an hour to the journey. Home, and straight to bed.