Lazy day

Another lazy morning. I wrote a blog post about astrology in bed. Lorraine read the sample of the business book and liked it. The weather still miserably cold and the great outdoors uninviting. Listening to Classical music on Classic FM's annual top of the pops for Classical music. Working on the editing and reworking of the Defenders of Guernsey too.

In the afternoon we drove to the seafront for a bracing walk, the cafes a bit melancholy when they should be buzzing at this time of year. The pebble beach and grey sea of Brighton and Hove untroubled by hoards of tourists and it feels like the Spring will never start. I read it was officially the coldest March since 1962. The UK weather has been wretched for a year now.

Home and L and I watched The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The three films of the Narnia books have been far less successful than Peter Jackson's Tolkien efforts, a heavy handedness about the symbolism and a lack of flow generally.  Then L and I sneaked off to the Shahi, which was unusually empty, for a cheeky curry and then sloped home. I watched a bit of a zombie movie called 28 weeks later which, with its sprinting zombies, was just a bit too scary.