Sensible Saturday

In need of a quiet day. Up early, however, to make cups of tea and film rain on windows. Film is my new craze, but it has to be black and white.

After a leisurely breakfast, into Brighton with Lorraine to buy some sensible brown shoes for me, and new specs for her. The streets covered with salty grit, anticipating non-existent snowfall. Other parts of the country are knee deep in the stuff still.

I like buying shoes. for they are a must-have remorse free purchase. Bought a pair from Clarks, whose shoes, when I was a scuff toed lad, where what responsible parents bought their children. Popped into the Apple shop to get new earphones as mine were on the blink. The Apple brainwashing is so good that I felt really impressed by being able to buy some earphones and walk out within five minutes.

Home late afternoon, and abandoned myself to decadent idleness. Watched an excellent BBC documentary about ancient Egypt, and fiddled about with my rainy bits of film.

Above all, though, getting some feedback has left me positive about my various projects and the Kenny brain is whirring and scheming about everything.

Lorraine out again in her marathon week of socialising, for her pal Jess's hen night, which involved a nice meal and a good deal of karaoke she crept talkatively into bed at 2AM.