Cold Sunday

Up early and working on some freelance, which is proving peskily difficult to complete. Lorraine also working on job applications, which made her feel miserable.

Eventually we stopped doing this and made off to Hove for a walk for an hour in the cold by the dour-looking sea. More bad weather is on its way. We enjoyed our walk and talk however, and stopped off to buy lots of food on the way home. Home, and Lorraine doing lots of work, when she wasn't practicing her singing and chatting to Dawn. Lorraine cooked rhubarb crumble today, and showed me how to make the crumble part. It was delicious, and just the thing for a winter's day.

Spoke to Mum to wish her a happy mother's day. She has a busy week this week, which may include a trip to Paris. Mason off for a small operation. Never a dull moment, eh?

A wonderful new singer has emerged into the world of pop music. Her name is Laura Mvula, from Birmingham. I have listened to a few of her tracks and am really blown away. People are comparing her to Nina Simone. This song, called Green Garden, is curiously magical and transports me to somewhere lovely in my mind.

Forgot to say that on 12th March, i.e. Tuesday, Matt and I are attending a performance of Clameur at Chichester University in the Chapel of the Ascension as part of a new music festival which starts at 7:30.

Below a dour sea, and a cold seafront. Brrr.