Feline business and human tetris

Cat business this morning. Lorraine and I off to Top Cats with Brian and Calliope in the cat carrier. Calliope very vocal in the car as usual, and even got Brian joining in. It's a mark of how well these cats get on that they can be squeezed together with no fur flying. Curious how the cats become entirely calm once they are at the vets, perhaps because the walls have absorbed years of pheromones. A new vet this time, who I think was German or Austrian, pronounced Calliope and Brian in good health, weight and so on. Brian overseeing Calliope's examination from a the top of a work surface. Apparently Calliope is a very calm cat, and her heart rate was bang on what it was supposed to be, despite being out of her normal place. He said Calliope had great teeth too, which I attested to having been endlessly bitten by them.

Then after restorative cups of tea, Lorraine and I off to the Twitten to collect two of my heavy wooden chairs and table. We met one of the new tenants, a pleasant young woman rejoicing in the name of Calandre. Noticed, nostalgically, daffodils out in its wee front patch of garden. A bit of a tetris job, squeezing into the car with the furniture, and as Lorraine drove us home, I had a chair wedged upside down on my lap.

Lorraine then off to sing with Hullabaloo in the afternoon, and I read more of my A Woman in Berlin, a harrowing book. Later I had received an emergency call from Betty in the Batty where I was due to meet her and Lorraine. She had ordered a beer but her card did not work. Lorraine already there by the time I arrived.

I nipped over to the Sussex Yeoman to secure us a table for an early supper as Beth had to go back to Kingston. I ate one of their incomparable home made burgers, which I'd not eaten for a year or so. Lengthy discussions about Beth's acting career among other things. Lorraine and I had a quiet night indoors after these excitements. Lorraine shattered, and has a bit of a cough. Betty seeing a drunk man accidentally exposing himself on the train. He offered her a drink, but was declined.