Giving it time

I reached a point where I had a finished enough chunk of the business book, which I am going to send to a few trusties in marketing for finger in the air opinions. I am no longer sure if the whole thing is the pursuit of an energetic wild goose in rude health, or if I would be better off typing a second Gadsby.  In the afternoon revisiting some of the children's fiction I've been working on. Time is a marvellous editor and I saw at once a major and significant improvement.

Spoke to Mum and Mas, a streaming cold not helping the recovery from an operation. Mum on a Euorostar to Paris on Sunday to meet Romy who is in there on business. Email from Janet saying Ken is in hospital to prepare for his operation next week.

Betty home again, and the three of us stole off in the rain to the Shahi, aka the dining room, to lap up some cold lager, and hot curry. What could be nicer?