Visiting Ken

Up early to join a first thing teleconference to brief me on the next stage of some branding work. Then called by Keith with a re-brief of the thing I had done last week. Spoke to Mum, and worked steadily, although my thoughts were turning to the hospital visit this afternoon.

Later, I walked to the hospital to visit Ken. Janet, and their pals Ray and Sonia were already there, as Janet was being told that Ken had a poor night, having a urinary infection that required antibiotics. Poor thing is very much in the wars, and is tired and disorientated -- this probably not helped by the infection, which is notoriously disorientating, plus his poor eyesight, and being plucked from his normal surroundings. Felt very sad to see my old friend like this. Rather impressed, however, by the senior nurse who seemed excellent, and the ward pleasant and well run.

After the visit we four went to the pub on Janet's suggestion. After quaffing a much needed drink to take the edge off,  I left the others to go for a Thai meal, before Janet to return to the hospital.

I walked home again in the cold, to cook using one of Lorraine's delicious cocoa-nutty homemade sauces full of curry leaves. A low key evening, with both L and I feeling tired and slightly twitchy. Lorraine has a thorny work week to contend with.