Good day for business

A Valentine's card with skeletons on, and a red Moleskine notebook from Lorraine this morning. Felt bad that as she had left early I had not woken up enough to give her mine.

As I had to get more horse pills from the quack, and had a nice chat with him. I took the opportunity to wander about in the sunshine, buying an incredibly expensive pastie, and popped into Waterstones for a futile search for two specific books. It's sad, but there's no wonder Amazon is taking over.

Home and two new clients I'd been patiently coaxing, finally broke cover and asked me to do some work. Signed  two non-disclosure agreements today. One is with a new French client, and I had to agree to be a 'collaborator', which made me smile. Some telephone calls and I took a long brief late in the day. Rather pleased by this little burst of activity, and plenty on my plate over the next week. Good to have two new clients in one day.

Lorraine working late and we sloped off for a romantic curry, though we had to wait half an hour despite having booked a table, which was galling, but we soon fell to happy chatting.