Desk attentions

Terrible night's sleep after takeaway main of MSG with a noodle side dish. Woke up to discover my Twitter account had been hacked, and had, embarrassingly, sent dubious tweets to everyone in my address book. Fortunately changing my password worked.

Paul got in touch with a freelance lead, which I followed up, meanwhile the client who I'd sketched in for this week peevingly quiet. So it goes.

Lorraine at home and we worked side by side on our desks, me mainly on the business book. It is always good when L works from home, not least because it provides Calliope with someone else to pester. She sits with her jaw resting on my wrist as I type and will do so until thrown off, which she resents and returns in seconds, the procedure is repeated several times until she slinks off in a huff. I wonder how many other writers have had to struggle with attention seeking cats.

Below the desk attentions of Calliope: sitting with her head resting on my wrist, which she will happily do as I type; Calliope sprawling on my desk; Calliope sitting on my lap; Calliope getting involved in Lorraine's typing.