Foundations in The Foundry

Beth off early to work teaching dance to under sevens. I had a slow start, delving into the cold outside world to do shopping. Lorraine making her way home from Leeds this afternoon, after having an excellent time with Sam.

I made off to meet Matt in The Foundry, where sitting at the bar over several pints of Landlord bitter, we discussed the way ahead on the opera. Good to be plotting with him again, as well as getting his opinions on Messiane, and talking about politics a good deal as this informs our latest wheeze. But we are in non-disclosure mode about the actual subject matter. Lorraine arrived in the pub, and it was splendid to see her too, although perfectly fine on my own, I did miss her and found myself very pleased to see her again. After wetting her whistle, she and I made off for a celebratory curry.

She had been in the company of lively Bradford City fans, making their way down to London for a cup final today. Bradford are in the forth tier of English football, but have made the league cup final.