Making a new start

Hard to get out of bed this morning, and felt sad for Lorraine who had to venture off into non-settling snow as she left home. Another dreary Monday and another bout of brain work on the book. This factual stuff is hard, as you have to assemble them in ways that appear reasonable.

Lurched off at lunchtime to the gym but have been afflicted with savage indigestion all morning I found being on the cross trainer enduring stabbing chest pain curiously unrelaxing despite knowing the cause.

On a much more cheery note, met Matt for a wide ranging plan and a scheme in The Signalman, and we think we have a plot and subject for an opera. I feel very happy about this, and we explored the possibilities of our story line for several hours. I don't want to say too much at such an early stage, but it is  based on real events in the recent past.

Home and bought some Chinese snackage from the local takeaway, as Lorraine had been singing in the choir again. We scarfed this, but the MSG and beer combo worked its evil during the night, forcing me to get up five times to gulp yet another pint of water.  

Below a telephone engineer up a pole I snapped, sadly only on the iPhone, while on the way to the gym.