Troublesome cacti

Applied desk manacles at eight and pressed on. Working more today with my other UK based new client, who was cheery and very good at his job, which was a refreshing change. A few calls during the day,  and started third piece of work for my old chum Keith.

Beth and Lorraine enjoying themselves and cooking up a storm. Tonight was a delicious pork and beans combo derived from a Jamie cookbook. Lipsmackingly good it was too, like a spicy chilli and tomato beanjar with black-eyed beans.

Finally unshackled, I stole away to the park for some air and exercise. Another business call which chilled my hand somewhat as I had to take my gloves off. Temperature dropping again, and lurking around zero tonight. Gazed fondly on the snowdrops as I sloped by. I have a deep longing for Spring.

Spoke to Mum, who had her pal Diane around and Mum was taking photographs of her for a dating website. A process which involved quaffing fizzy wine. Mas now off on his business trip.

Waiting for a call from a client, I visited iPlayer and heard Di Turner ask a question on Gardener's Question Time about troublesome giant cacti. The show was based around a 'Seedy Sunday' where people swap and barter their rare seed. There are many unsavoury quips to be made about this, but I shall refrain.

Decided to drink some booze tonight with my exceptional supper. Nice chatting with Betty and Lorraine. All well.