Good Signals

Manacled to my desk all day, creating concepts for one client, a long chat with the other talking about another client I will be working on next week. Late in the day Keith called and I will also do a smidge with him at the end of next week. Good from a doubloons perspective. As is traditional, because Lorraine is only working one day next week, I am booked every day.  Luckily though all of these are working from home, which happily means I sidestep 20 hours of travel.

Engrossed early by the film of the meteor streaking into the Urals, and talk of an asteroid coming rather close to Earth. Chaos is always just around the corner.

Betty home for the week, giving a little sigh of happiness about being home, and curling up on the gold sofa all afternoon. In the evening L, Betty and I popped up to The Signalman in good spirits, to celebrate Betty's return and Lorraine's half term. I had a nicely hot Thai chicken curry, and L and B were pleased with their snap too.  Drank some beers and soon discovered that, by and large, most things were fine with the world.

Below I discovered the instructions for the Dyson Airblade in the gents toilets in The Signalman had been somewhat tampered with.